Welcome to Atomic Earth! Get ready Actors and Actresses to explore the great unknown mysteries of weird-science! It’s the 1950’s in Cold War America, Commie Spies are everywhere, Atomic Warfare is only moments away, Flying Saucers, Alien Menaces and Monsters are lurking around every corner. Do you have what it takes to stomp-out these threats to humanity? If so brave Actor, it’s time to start the show….

The Campaign Setting

This is an “It Came From the Late, Late, Late Show” RPG campaign, taking place in the “GURPS Atomic Horror” setting and using the “Savage Worlds Adventure Edition” rule set.

The players will create actors, who will take on stereotypical film roles in 1950’s era. The actor’s will select a role for an upcoming movie and perform their talents in front of the camera, “on the set” of 1950’s science fiction movies.

The campaign setting takes place on “Atomic Earth” in the Atomic Age as outlined in GURPS Atomic Horror. The types of adventures and style of gaming are outlined in the It Came From the Late, Late, Late Show RPG and GURPS Atomic Horror source books. I have revealed most of the relevant information from these source book on the Atomic Adventures website. I do recommend players pick up a copy of each because they are a great read for those interested. These books are not required to play in this campaign.

It Came From the Late, Late, Late Show RPG applies to all genre’s and time periods. In keeping with the 1950’s B-Movies Science Fiction genre, we will be limiting the campaign setting to science fiction as it took place in the 1950’s Era. If the Director calls for a “Futuristic” movie, players must envision that movie setting from a 1950’s Atomic Age Earth perspective.

This is a campaign about melodramatic acting, wooden props and crappy special effects. The movie under production is always the center piece of the show. Actors who sacrifice themselves for the greater glory of the movie are to be commended! This campaign will offer the players a real role-playing challenge. Actors take on “ordinary” & “mundane” roles, and will often be horribly out gunned. The real challenge will be to embrace your film character’s normality, while generating great dramatic conflict on the set.
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